Hercules In An Idle World

Imagine I was Hercules returning to a normal life,

To a house filled with comfort, food and wine,

When doomsday has been taken care of, when the world could use some time,

I will travel back to earth and I’ll start without a dime.

Would I kick it on the sofa and binge watch through the weekend?

Or lay back on bed and catch up with some old friends.

Should I call up on my old love since I’m back in town?

Or would I spend some time in therapy and figure myself out.

Let me get a tattoo for all the good times, let me put some things to rest,

Let me clear out my gallery, let me get some things off my chest.

My timing has been poor, my friends they have been few.

Let me go out on karaoke night, let me sing a song or two.

This life I’ve lived was worth it, I cannot once complain,

You only get one judgement, when the road to greatness ends,

I came out of the true life when there seemed no descent,

Let me put on Sandra’s movie, let me see how love stories end.

My timing maybe poor, I’m still the greatest there is,

Let me not gloat in glory, let me smile upon my friends,

Give me a wife and kids, give a dog or two,

For in this new world of struggles, mine are very few.

I’ll buy myself some overalls, I’ll travel across in trains,

And when it hits September, I’ll know it won’t always rain.

I’m not the man you read about, this life I found is new,

So hit me with 70’s song and watch me find someone new.


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