Shake like A Leaf

Two thirty in the morning, lights on in my room, Two thirty in the night, life goes on what can you do, Scrapping the edges of my brain, memories washed out but not forgotten Never see me quiver on a thought, my heart be done flogging Comical timing, wind rhyming, bird chirping and cities whining... Continue Reading →

See You Soon.

You're broken but seemingly irreplaceable, I lack focus, my mind unattainable, We meet every now and then, In the scintillating valley of off-timing, We run away as our chemistry turns into lightening. Gone are the days when I was just man ruled by my vices, You too have bid adieu to your kingdom of niceness,... Continue Reading →

Hercules In An Idle World

Imagine I was Hercules returning to a normal life, To a house filled with comfort, food and wine, When doomsday has been taken care of, when the world could use some time, I will travel back to earth and I'll start without a dime. Would I kick it on the sofa and binge watch through... Continue Reading →

The Gen-Z Urge to Keep Moving (And Why that’s A Good Thing!)

Gen-Z has grown up every day seeing the impossible being outdone and slowly decay into irrelevance. We live everyday life based on an 'Adapt' rather than a 'nurture' philosophy. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of being the most diverse generation is that we don't fashion being defined by hard boiled ideals. We are also more... Continue Reading →

Weekly Catch Ups with Dr.Moorthy – Episode 1/Overwhelmed to an Exit

Track - I know It's Over by The Smiths. "I know she makes you angry right now and I know you want to give her a piece of your mind but what good is that going to do..." said Darshini. Darshini has helped me navigate through life in these last four months of cynicism, frustration... Continue Reading →

Unlearning Curves that you should know about Post Recovering from a Traumatic Experience

We live in a world where we don't always get what we deserve; both people and situations tend to let us down in the form of emotionally compressed experiences that have both short and long term negative impacts on our ability to feel, love and at times, even live. We always tend to hear phrases... Continue Reading →

The Lord and the Queen

They see you at the club, I see your everyday crazy, You do this and that, feel shit and comeback, You multitask like being God is easy Beat the world twice and they'll still call you lazy You fight these entitled pricks on a everyday basis You don't sweat, sit back and kick it like... Continue Reading →

How the Pandemic has affected the Love-Career Equation for People in their Twenties

If there is anything that music, movies, pop culture and media have taught us, it’s that you can be a lover or a fighter but not both. Even though I’m not a huge fan of romanticising prioritisation, finding it only as an excuse for an exasperation , the pandemic has shown us that, at least... Continue Reading →

Life As We Know It

Life is a thin reel on a grayscale consortium  The person of a bright white scale One day darker than you imagined You see yourself in shades that were beyond your spectrum  Broken hearts in a highly stimulated atmosphere Weaknesses that were never bound to happen  Appear as cold slate realities to haunt your sleep ... Continue Reading →

दुख के बंदी

ओ दुख के बंदी!जंग तेरी ख़ुद से हैग़ैरों पे मंजर क्यूँ लाता हैं?दर्द तेरे सीने में है फिर ज़िक्र ज़ुबान पे क्यूँ आता है?है गहरा अंधेरा छाया जोहै संसार अभी भी वहीं का वहींये तो समय का दर्पण है , ये तेरा वजूद नहीतूने सोचा होगा वोही जो हमेशा होता आया सोच नश्वर इंसान ज़रा... Continue Reading →

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