Shake like A Leaf

Two thirty in the morning, lights on in my room, Two thirty in the night, life goes on what can you do, Scrapping the edges of my brain, memories washed out but not forgotten Never see me quiver on a thought, my heart be done flogging Comical timing, wind rhyming, bird chirping and cities whining... Continue Reading →

See You Soon.

You're broken but seemingly irreplaceable, I lack focus, my mind unattainable, We meet every now and then, In the scintillating valley of off-timing, We run away as our chemistry turns into lightening. Gone are the days when I was just man ruled by my vices, You too have bid adieu to your kingdom of niceness,... Continue Reading →

Hercules In An Idle World

Imagine I was Hercules returning to a normal life, To a house filled with comfort, food and wine, When doomsday has been taken care of, when the world could use some time, I will travel back to earth and I'll start without a dime. Would I kick it on the sofa and binge watch through... Continue Reading →

दुख के बंदी

ओ दुख के बंदी!जंग तेरी ख़ुद से हैग़ैरों पे मंजर क्यूँ लाता हैं?दर्द तेरे सीने में है फिर ज़िक्र ज़ुबान पे क्यूँ आता है?है गहरा अंधेरा छाया जोहै संसार अभी भी वहीं का वहींये तो समय का दर्पण है , ये तेरा वजूद नहीतूने सोचा होगा वोही जो हमेशा होता आया सोच नश्वर इंसान ज़रा... Continue Reading →

Sundays Soaked in Vanilla

Pull me over and tell me how it feels, Facing your weekly horrors sprayed over a 5 day reel, As you stroke into midnight and push release, Fun Fridays sometimes are quite the sleaze. Unplug your earphones, plug in your charger, Make it a medium fries but the coke should be larger, "What's in the... Continue Reading →

Form and Function( A three poem series)

Quitclaim Deed Would you return if you had received, a string of sorrows and endless grief, from  fate, with a familiar ardency, leaving behind a scar for eternity. Would you try to identify ? Who's behind it and the why. Would you succumb to make-belief? Or will you let it go like a quitclaim deed? Would... Continue Reading →

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