The Gen-Z Urge to Keep Moving (And Why that’s A Good Thing!)

Gen-Z has grown up every day seeing the impossible being outdone and slowly decay into irrelevance. We live everyday life based on an 'Adapt' rather than a 'nurture' philosophy. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of being the most diverse generation is that we don't fashion being defined by hard boiled ideals. We are also more... Continue Reading →

Unlearning Curves that you should know about Post Recovering from a Traumatic Experience

We live in a world where we don't always get what we deserve; both people and situations tend to let us down in the form of emotionally compressed experiences that have both short and long term negative impacts on our ability to feel, love and at times, even live. We always tend to hear phrases... Continue Reading →

How the Pandemic has affected the Love-Career Equation for People in their Twenties

If there is anything that music, movies, pop culture and media have taught us, it’s that you can be a lover or a fighter but not both. Even though I’m not a huge fan of romanticising prioritisation, finding it only as an excuse for an exasperation , the pandemic has shown us that, at least... Continue Reading →

Celebrated, Neglected and Still Fighting: The rise, fall and rise of India’s third gender

The history of transgenders in India stretches beyond antiquity. That's what makes it special. The transgender community, a.k.a the Hijra community, have had a well recorded history of being an integral part of the Indian society along with numerous religious recognition in Hindu mythology. Whether it be the 'Ardhanari' avatar of Lord Shiva and Goddess... Continue Reading →

Five हिन्दी classics you need to read before you turn 20!

रश्मिरथी This epic written by Rashtrakavi Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, is a strong and expressive poem centred around Karna, the first born son of Kunti, from Mahabharata. Like all great stories, you may have heard of it and would want to read it. Again and again. Composed in वीर रस (Heroic Subgenre), it starts with Duryodhana... Continue Reading →

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