Dreams of the Second Kind.

My first try at lyrical poetry. (Please be gentle)

This weight that I can’t supply,

Doesn’t slip by the naked eye,

Says be my friend and time will fly,

Don’t accept no truth, don’t make no lie.

Wither with me to deeper end,

Across space, time and continents,

Time alignment on a perfect tangent,

Slithering throats while saying Amen.

Get a hold of your mind,

Realise and retry,

Every moment that passes by,

Questioning the soulless state that is I.

I hope the drive is for a sunset,

Craving long walks with a pair of headsets,

As I lay on the sand and reset,

Such is life, a conquest.

Hope your journey be the same as mine,

May you get to know the whos, the whats and the whys,

Step forward, look into the mirror, and realise,

What has to happen shouldn’t have to fly.

Look deep beyond the cherry vines,

Into arcs, streets and bridges aligned,

Hear a chip, a scream, a false alarm,

Send a tip out to the stars tonight.

Don’t leave this place with a heavy heart,

Like a faulty coin through an Arcadian slot,

You have lost a few but you’ve learned a lot,

Go out, scream and play your part.

Life is just a mere chapter you write,

Just like moments, some harsh and some a delight,

Look deep beyond the head lights,

Give away a moment or pain,

Let the heart decide.


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