दुख के बंदी

ओ दुख के बंदी!जंग तेरी ख़ुद से हैग़ैरों पे मंजर क्यूँ लाता हैं?दर्द तेरे सीने में है फिर ज़िक्र ज़ुबान पे क्यूँ आता है?है गहरा अंधेरा छाया जोहै संसार अभी भी वहीं का वहींये तो समय का दर्पण है , ये तेरा वजूद नहीतूने सोचा होगा वोही जो हमेशा होता आया सोच नश्वर इंसान ज़रा... Continue Reading →

Don’t Seem Right.

Remind me to take a left the next time I enter my mind, I have this crippling weight on my chest, Feels like my conscience is subdued by heartaches, For me and my destiny, are forever stuck between a rock and a hard place. Bring me these objects, let's begin the process, A cup, a... Continue Reading →

A midnight jog around the neighbourhood wasn't something of a rare occurrence for Kabir Bakshi, but on the night of 18th June 2014, he too had to sneak out of his home, like other youngsters his age. He had learned not to wake his parents up, his keys and wallets were already in his pockets... Continue Reading →

The Prestige of a Higher Morality

Back in the time when money was particularly harsh on me, and it reflected both in the work I did and the clothes I wore, I had to resolve to meagre jobs to succour the things I loved. All petty skills acquired over time were carefully sorted in accordance to their feasibility, meaning that I... Continue Reading →

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