Neurotic Despondencies

The corner of your eye pricks my funny bones, Your absence, worse than sticks and stones, We dealt with love and we dealt with pain, Couple of twenty years olds, We just couldn't fool our brains. I held your hand knowing not what was ahead, Hithering and thithering accross examination rooms, You looked afraid and... Continue Reading →

Shades of Rumination

The 21st century pioneers can keep their slogans of making the world a better place to themselves, I am not falling for that. That idea is an illusion. The real world is motivated by greed and lust and filled with people who sell their to soul the devil and the souls of others to corrupt... Continue Reading →

Sundays Soaked in Vanilla

Pull me over and tell me how it feels, Facing your weekly horrors sprayed over a 5 day reel, As you stroke into midnight and push release, Fun Fridays sometimes are quite the sleaze. Unplug your earphones, plug in your charger, Make it a medium fries but the coke should be larger, "What's in the... Continue Reading →

Don’t Seem Right.

Remind me to take a left the next time I enter my mind, I have this crippling weight on my chest, Feels like my conscience is subdued by heartaches, For me and my destiny, are forever stuck between a rock and a hard place. Bring me these objects, let's begin the process, A cup, a... Continue Reading →

Dreams of the Second Kind.

My first try at lyrical poetry. (Please be gentle) This weight that I can't supply, Doesn't slip by the naked eye, Says be my friend and time will fly, Don't accept no truth, don't make no lie. Wither with me to deeper end, Across space, time and continents, Time alignment on a perfect tangent, Slithering... Continue Reading →

Celebrated, Neglected and Still Fighting: The rise, fall and rise of India’s third gender

The history of transgenders in India stretches beyond antiquity. That's what makes it special. The transgender community, a.k.a the Hijra community, have had a well recorded history of being an integral part of the Indian society along with numerous religious recognition in Hindu mythology. Whether it be the 'Ardhanari' avatar of Lord Shiva and Goddess... Continue Reading →

Lack of Resistance

There once stood a man, ill at ease, and succumbing to fade, Facing  an identify war akin to a splitting grenade. Witnessing in horror each mind numbing shrapnel, As it hit him in past tense and peeled him thoughtless. Since he chose the road but didn't chose to fight, He was left with no time... Continue Reading →

Form and Function( A three poem series)

Quitclaim Deed Would you return if you had received, a string of sorrows and endless grief, from  fate, with a familiar ardency, leaving behind a scar for eternity. Would you try to identify ? Who's behind it and the why. Would you succumb to make-belief? Or will you let it go like a quitclaim deed? Would... Continue Reading →

Working Class

"I shit you not, this has to be the most dim-lit, rodent infected, foul-smelling place I have ever worked at. I ain't calling this piss-bliss my office for long, you can have that signed on any damn paper you want." I said, trying to get a ketchup stain off a uniform that barely had a... Continue Reading →

The Year As It Went By

Dear reader, Before you go any further you must know that this is not something I have done before. This is in no manner a remarkable way to boost your morale by highlighting the ups and downs of my year. It is as much for you as it is for myself. As you keep on... Continue Reading →

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