Life As We Know It

Life is a thin reel on a grayscale consortium  The person of a bright white scale One day darker than you imagined You see yourself in shades that were beyond your spectrum  Broken hearts in a highly stimulated atmosphere Weaknesses that were never bound to happen  Appear as cold slate realities to haunt your sleep ... Continue Reading →

Shades of Rumination

The 21st century pioneers can keep their slogans of making the world a better place to themselves, I am not falling for that. That idea is an illusion. The real world is motivated by greed and lust and filled with people who sell their to soul the devil and the souls of others to corrupt... Continue Reading →

Sundays Soaked in Vanilla

Pull me over and tell me how it feels, Facing your weekly horrors sprayed over a 5 day reel, As you stroke into midnight and push release, Fun Fridays sometimes are quite the sleaze. Unplug your earphones, plug in your charger, Make it a medium fries but the coke should be larger, "What's in the... Continue Reading →

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