Shake like A Leaf

Two thirty in the morning, lights on in my room,

Two thirty in the night, life goes on what can you do,

Scrapping the edges of my brain, memories washed out but not forgotten

Never see me quiver on a thought, my heart be done flogging

Comical timing, wind rhyming, bird chirping and cities whining

Sync with my resting heartbeat as I pull out of the driveway.

You see, every day I peep out through a crevice

Smoke battered eyes locked onto to a world so devilish

I see evil in all good and all good in a rut

Subject my sensitivity to a rhyming, onto a fucked-up timing

A thirsty world with no feelings in its gut.

No glory in gold, no left out stories to be told,

I see the apocalypse speaking to us from a not-so-distant hole.

And whole are the thoughts of only nascent children,

For comprehension is price of bewildering innocence.

A man never dark but darkness all around him,

Freedom is overrated when you earn it like a license.

Music that numbs us is the search of true silence,

Where whispers of guilt overcome the general niceness,

Sometimes it’s okay to cry in shame if it frees you from the blindness.

Your journey is yours, my journey is mine,

Lies in the dirt, the quest for mankind,

Everyday incremental mediocrity under blinding city lights,

Don’t tell me it’s okay to not question the verb,

Greatness is built on actions, not heroes in reverse.

You worry that I sound cynic and depressing,

What good is this world that you seem to be rehearsing?

Where you are no more than the character you play,

Filled with the ink of your blood are the receipts that you pay,

Yet simmering in glory is the societal image you portray,

Not knowing the playground in which your children play.

Mocking your own reality is premise of your wonderland,

Painkiller in her cocktail, yet she smiles holding your hand,

SSRIs and anti-depressants don’t hit like should,

On loop is a feeling: “Is this the best that you could?”

Eventually it hits you and leaves you in disbelief,

If this is all that you wanted in life, why are you still shaking like a leaf?

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