The Lord and the Queen

They see you at the club, I see your everyday crazy,

You do this and that, feel shit and comeback,

You multitask like being God is easy

Beat the world twice and they’ll still call you lazy

You fight these entitled pricks on a everyday basis

You don’t sweat, sit back and kick it like a reflex

Seated upright at your desk, head down, working for hours

And they keep wondering how you made it

Ready to take off your crown, they try to get into your head

Don’t they know your magic burns without flames?

When they bother you too much, you turn the game sideways

A cold hearted bitch yes, why should you apologize for your honesty

They try to control your body, fill you with pills and then criticize your sensitivity

How come everytime you try to fight this world, it’s a little too late

You heard about this from your momma and her momma before that

Dealing with demons and jokers, ass clowns and ungrateful lovers

And yet your smile don’t cost nothing sugar

Majority can’t get to the point without a couple of backhanded comments

Still these fools are concerned with what you prioritize, your family or your career

Both a hard pill to swallow and a potion of ecstasy

You don’t need to change a thing about that, let time serve them how it sees fit

Lord saves the Queen, the Queen saves the kind

21st Century Cleopatra, the world is for you to conquer

The sorcery to your existence, the one they can never fathom,

Will one day become the truth that brings them to their knees.

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