Life As We Know It

Life is a thin reel on a grayscale consortium 

The person of a bright white scale

One day darker than you imagined

You see yourself in shades that were beyond your spectrum 

Broken hearts in a highly stimulated atmosphere

Weaknesses that were never bound to happen 

Appear as cold slate realities to haunt your sleep 

You wake up to less lovely morning everyday

And a sense of anger that’s never fleeting

Such is life, one cannot tell 

You repeat those words in a desperate attempt

You wait for a face that you’ve never before seen

To wake you out of this morbid nightmare 

In hopes that this time there are iotas of truth 

That stay behind to pick up the pieces, ones she never could

To tell you that what you did was okay

And spiral into truths that don’t leave you gloomy on a Saturday

For each heart that breaks there is another that’s blooming

But there’s hope that colours will spread through the corners

Adding another sense to this senseless scale that defines life’s outcomes

Stuck with you like a long lost best friend

For now it seems like these thoughts will stay till the end

You write another poem, you think that will help 

This truth always hurts, why does it have to be my friend? 

“Don’t think about the days that end in a loss”

What could never be a happy ending but never did seem like a lost cause

One day these words may seem more meaningless when read

Till then I hold this thin reel pretty close to my chest. 

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