Neurotic Despondencies

The corner of your eye pricks my funny bones,

Your absence, worse than sticks and stones,

We dealt with love and we dealt with pain,

Couple of twenty years olds,

We just couldn’t fool our brains.

I held your hand knowing not what was ahead,

Hithering and thithering accross examination rooms,

You looked afraid and so was I,

But in that moment we both denied.

The timing of it all was even worse,

On your darkest mornings I wasn’t the man you deserve,

I couldn’t save what was left of us

Or lead us into a much better universe.

The nightmares followed, an unfortunate byproduct

Every memory a reminder that I couldn’t be strong

“If you can’t help me, don’t make it worse!”

A man’s love became a woman’s curse.

I hope you find a stronger home

Filled with dependable people you can call your own

Keep my photograph as a reminder of what could have been

If neurotic despondencies never intervened.

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