Form and Function( A three poem series)

Quitclaim Deed

Would you return if you had received,

a string of sorrows and endless grief,

from  fate, with a familiar ardency,

leaving behind a scar for eternity.

Would you try to identify ?

Who’s behind it and the why.

Would you succumb to make-belief?

Or will you let it go like a quitclaim deed?

Would you still desire beyond purpose?

Still dream without repercussions?

Would you ever forget to tread lightly?

Or expose yourself ever so slightly?

What I see is what I hear,

You could change my mind if you gave up fear,

Maybe acceptance is not always defeat when the end is near,

Maybe, just maybe, what doesn’t kill you, makes you peculiar.

 Heathers In The Shallow

My lover, find me and let me know

Do heathers even blossom in shallows?

Or are they just scribbled together in the back of your mind

Where they clutter the folder of ‘Him and I.’

If it’s not too much to ask, then grab a pen,

Solve my mysteries, bring it all to an end.

Help me visualise what you see,

Heathers in the water, beneath small trees.

Lover of mine, I too shall glorify,

Every portion of nature that looks pretty to the eye

If only I could understand love like you do,

Doesn’t happen to all, happens to a few,

I think  I lie on the wrong side of the spectrum,

I  keep searching for you, you’re still missing.

Your absence makes me feel guilty,

For you’re the one for me, but am I the one for you?

 Dream Girl from Abyss

She never really throws any caution to the wind,

Lets the whole world burn from the fire within,

Drinks every morning, throws up every evening,

Says burning liquor helps her forget her sins.

Has brothers, sisters, and people she knew,

Ask her about betrayals, she’ll remember a few,

She breaks her own heart on Mondays

And on Saturdays, she makes magic seem like mimicry,

You would never catch her having a breather

She lifts herself up before she can even count till three,

Listens to a lot of noises, keeps forgetting her own identity,

Such is the dream girl from hell’s own colony.

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